Added benefits and Safety of Undergoing a Massage In the course of Chemotherapy

Many folks discover that undergoing esthetique gatineau through chemotherapy therapy helps them relax and feel great during an uneasy moment. Let us explore the advantages of massage and what measures you need to discuss with your physician prior to undergoing this relaxing clinic.


Massage treatment may be a terrific way to relax and distract oneself from the pressures of cancer therapy. Chemotherapy can surely heighten stress, and this may be an excellent way to alleviate it. Actually, many physicians recommend massage as a kind of complementary medicine to help individuals with cancer relax, decrease stress, fight nausea, and control anxiety. It is important to understand however that massage therapy isn’t a kind of cancer therapy and won’t stop cancer from spreading or impede its development.

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Massages during cancer therapy might not be for everybody. Make sure you get your physician’s approval before using a massage. Even though a massage might appear benign, it may be dangerous under certain conditions.

By way of instance, because chemotherapy may compromise your immune system, you’re more vulnerable to disease. Should you experience a massage, then make certain your massage therapist isn’t sick or afflicted with a infectious disease. Additionally, it is essential that the therapist keeps a sterile, clean surroundings and sanitize the massage table following every customer. Furthermore, if you have any allergies, acne, or other skin eruptions, ask your therapist to avoid touching them throughout the massage this is to prevent pain and disease.

Additionally, it is important to be aware that chemotherapy may increase your chance of bruising, and also a massage a couple of days after chemo throughout the nadir interval can worsen this effect.

In the end, when you’ve some bone metastasis, massage is not suggested for this area of your body as fractures may occur.

What to Do if You Want a Massage During Chemotherapy

If your doctor permits you to have a massage, then ask him to consult with a certified massage therapist (LMT) — much better in case a massage therapist has expertise working with clients experiencing cancer therapy. Additionally, many cancer therapy centers provide massage therapy and other complementary remedies and might get an LMT on employees.

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