Diamond Wedding Bands

Many things are traditional and based upon customs when getting married. Fifty years ago, most girls had similar rings, typically a diamond engagement ring mounted in gold and a simple yellow gold wedding band. The diamond size depended upon the wealth of the groom and sometimes the band had diamonds also if money was no object. As time progressed, however, several variables entered the image to modify the traditional wedding ring collection.

Further, allergic reactions to yellow gold might give rise to a groom to purchase a white gold setting for his bride. 1 last major reason for choosing other metals over gold is the fact that more women work outside the home now. They’re finding it essential to wear metals that are stronger, less inclined to bend, break and erode, in addition to metals which are apparently impervious to scratching.

In addition to this new metals, the stones in many cases are not diamonds. On occasion, it’s customary for grooms to pass on family heirlooms, which might consist of sapphires or rubies. Pearl and diamond blends are equally as amazing as solitary diamonds, making a stunning engagement ring. And new kinds of diamonds such as the naturally chocolate diamond wedding rings, blue, pink, crimson, olive, violet and even black are becoming more widespread. On account of their rarity and uniqueness, couples are eager to buy gemstones that may not exist for mining in twenty years.

Grooms are also becoming more involved and finally more imaginative when choosing engagement and wedding bands. In fact, they may choose to guide the jeweler with a custom design fusing the two rings together to create one. Based on the woman’s job, the couple may also do away the engagement ring opting instead for a dazzling ring set with diamonds around the entire band. In this manner the stones are mounted within the metal keeping them free of catching on things, while creating a brilliant display to respect.

For the very same reasons of durability, men are wearing wedding bands made of titanium or tungsten. Typically tungsten isn’t advisable for women’s jewelry as earrings are not possible to make and other jewelry items like pendants, bracelets and necklaces are not often seen in tungsten. And tungsten is virtually impossible to use when making a matched set for your bride. However, its rough and tough qualities make it the ideal metal for guys to wear.

Men have also discovered that they enjoy the nice look of stainless steel in their rings, bracelets and necklaces. The selection is usually much smaller than gold or titanium but the colour is quite appealing to the jewelry market.

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