High Heels Give Low Hope For Foot Health

Currently addicted to heels? Do you love the way your legs search when you wear them? Could you not live without them?

Ok, want to spend one quarter of your life in your glamorous heels and the other half of it in agony with really ugly toes? That’s what you could potentially cause to happen if you rely on your personal high heels on a daily basis during your most active, on-your-feet years.

Women’s high heel sandals displace the weight of your body onto the ball of your foot. Over time, feet can develop calluses, unsightly bunions and corns. With those kinds of feet, you’d better hope this Manolo Blahnik starts designing slippers!

High heels also strong the centre mass of your body forward and your back has to bend backwards to compensate. “Oh my aching back” will be your daily mantra.

Calf muscles shorten and tighten when you wear high heels and if you wear them constantly for a long time, say in excess of six months, your calf muscles can remain permanently shortened. Your entire body will naturally try to compensate by lowering the arches on your feet or your knees, hips or back will be too affected.

How to enjoy your high heels but not do good damage

  • 1 . Wear shoes with heels no beyond 4cm for day-to-day wear.
  • 2 . Save your sexy women’s high heel sandals for special occasions.
  • 3. Avoid wearing backless shoes excessively as they make you claw your toes when you walk.
  • 5. Stretch your calf muscles at regular intervals.
  • 5. Change your shoes over a long day of standing. Hold a second pair at work so that you can switch heights during the day and allow your calf muscles a chance to adapt.
  • 6. Never walk longer distances or over uneven ground such as pavements when sporting high heels.
  • 7. High heels that feature a strap or shoelace across the instep are more beneficial than slip-ons as they help stop your foot from sliding forwards.
  • 8. As always, see your podiatrist or chiropodist once a year for checkups on your base health. Click here for more infotmation

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