How to Jump Start a Car Battery

Much was written and said about car batteries and how to jump start a vehicle
That has a dead person. The matter is, a lot of this info is wrong or incomplete.

Sooner or later you will find your self at a vehicle with a dead battery. So please continue reading.

Here I will provide you the correct and up to obsolete means to jump-start a vehicle safely. Of course this is if you are stranded away from your home.

First of all I do not recommend jumping cables into the motorist, second the best options would be to use a booster or merely call (a professional mobile service) or take the vehicle to an expert store. If the battery Vapcell 21700 is older than 3 decades or so, it could be bad.
If you must use jumper cables then here I will demonstrate the ideal way to do it.
Read the whole article since the info is over the same.

First some info about batteries.

I fix many vehicles with bad batteries. The motives that the battery went bad may be many, so after jumping a car you should seek professional help. Here I will let you know what can make a battery go bad, things to do to prevent it and things to do in a crisis situation.

Why a battery goes bad:

  • O Bad or loose serpentine belt or off or missing serpentine belt because of another bad element.
    o Age.
  • O Defective Part out of factory.
  • O Leaving the car sitting too long or forcing the vehicle in short trips not
  • O Too much emptying, like the battery is too small for the need. Or maybe
  • There are add-ons like monster stereo systems etc..
  • O Parasitic drain.
  • o Vibration. When there’s no hold down.
  • O Using the wrong fluid to replenish it like tap water rather than distilled water.
  • O Bad pc. The voltage regulator is there in certain automobiles.
  • O Physical harm. Car crash, being dropped.

Caring for your battery.

The best way to stop battery failures is by doing routine maintenance on the car or truck. When routine maintenance is completed the battery should be one of
The main items checked. They should clean terminals, top off the liquid if potential using only distilled water, do some tests on it, not to mention check the charging system.
They can “die¬¨hard” or die soft but they all die. The average life of the majority of batteries is about 3 decades, believe it or not. Some top of the line batteries can last somewhat longer. I’ve seen a decline on the life span of batteries lately. So if your battery is about this age, have it checked or simply change it to have peace of mind specially if you’re making a very long trip.

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