Sell My Laptop – Get Cash For Laptops, and Save the Planet

Over 200 million computers are offered every year. After they have served their useful purpose, a lot of them are destined for disposal in garbage heaps and landfills. Were you aware that when you would like to replace your old computer it is possible to get money for laptops by selling your computer to a company which will recycle it? And if you understand how to sell laptop you will put cash in your pocket as you help save the planet.

Bear in mind that each notebook computer which was ever built contains heavy metals. Typically these metals are both soldered onto the motherboard and can also be parts of other components. If disposed of improperly, some of these toxic metals, such as cadmium, lead and mercury may seep into the water source.

recycle old computers for cash:

Along with preventing known carcinogens from entering our ecosystem, even if you market my notebook you’ll also prevent the unnecessary inclusion of CO2 to our atmosphere.

For instance, it requires 10 percent of the energy necessary to produce 20 pounds of aluminum that would be retrieved by recycling lots of computers. In addition, recycling the 20 lbs of aluminum means that both 25 less pounds of bauxite residue will be created and 40 pounds less carbon dioxide will go into the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) was on the development in our atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution began in the mid 1800s. Since that time the amount of CO2 in the air has risen from roughly 275 parts per million (ppm) to 385 ppm.

During a meeting of climatologists at San Francisco in 2008, James Hansen, NASAs top climatologist introduced a paper. In it he explained:

Since that paper was introduced the dynamics of the global warming debate has changed. Organizations like 350 dot org are attempting to make the number 350 the very important number in the world, also it may be.

The solution is easy – sell your laptop and have your buddies sell their laptops into a company that is going to pay off it and pay attention to someone else.

Your used notebook could possibly be worth more than you think. You can go online and find quite a few reputable companies which have been in business for awhile. They will buy your computer from you and send you your check speedily. It is quick and easy, takes very little effort on your part, and you will be doing what you can to save the planet.

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