Vehicle Advertising, Is It For You?

Truth: there are 253 million cars and trucks on the streets in the U.S.. If say at any stage about a quarter of those cars are on the street, that means 63,250,000 are on the road, divide by 50 states that is 126,500 cars on the street at any given time in each state. Clearly these numbers differ and areas like New York surely have more cars that the middle of Wyoming, however, the point is no matter where you’re, there are going to be others around you into their vehicles.

There are countless small businesses and massive ones at that popping up at the U.S. each year. With this competition, don’t you think that it’s time to consider a new way of advertising to get your company noticed? This is where all those arbitrary car details come in, it is time to consider automobile advertising!

Consider the exposure billboards get daily. If you receive the right place you can reach thousands of people in a matter of hours! Now imagine if this billboard was shifting, driving around through town reaching all the more people. Is that the kind of advertising you’d need for your business? If that’s the case, you really ought to start looking into automobile advertising, and I’ll cover some of the most popular choices that will help you make the best choice.


I am sure you’ve seen those automobiles with crazy graphics and their brand name written all over them. These are called wraps and therefore are usually large vinyl sheets with graphics printed that cover a large part if not all of the Fahrzeugbeschriftung Stuttgart to turn it into a literal moving billboard. This is the most expensive choice and requires special knowledge of how to put them in order not to distort the image on the many faceted surface of your vehicle. Most people are concerned with the elimination of them, but if done correctly with the ideal product, they will leave your paint job unharmed and will really help preserve it.

The first illustration of this I always think of is your local landscaper. Odds are they have a standard white truck and have put auto decoration on it that customers are aware of who they are if they show up to your property. Like wraps, vehicle lettering is make from a durable, weather proof plastic which is placed on the vehicle. Unlike wraps, these images are generally only letters and tiny logos or graphics which are cut out of the vinyl so they do not cover large portions of the vehicle. Costs on lettering depend on just how much of this vehicle you are covering as well as the number of colours. Most printers will charge by the foot or lineup.

If you are considering that sticking a giant decal on your car is not for you, magnets is probably your best option. These are great for realtors or others who may utilize their personal vehicle as a company car. Vehicle magnets can come in different shapes and sizes and are basically an oversized business card that you place on the side of your car. The benefit of magnets is that they can easily be removed and reused provided that they are appropriately cared for. I would not recommend taking them on and off on a daily basis since this may wear down the magnet immediately. Storage is also very critical in that you should always keep it flat so that it places properly, most adhere it on their refrigerator or filing cabinets. You also need to be sure you wash out the area the magnet will be sticking to until you place it on. A dirty car can lead to a lost magnet when it falls off moving down the road.

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