What Furnishings Do I Need For My First Apartment?

Catastrophe apartment is an exciting time for any young adult. Although knowing what furnishings you need can be a bit of a conundrum.

In the old days, most first time apartment dwellers were happy with second hand pieces of furniture and shelving made out of cinder blocks and particle mother board. But today, there’s many more choices, even for those on a modest budget.

While it may be tempting to go dumpster diving or thrift store shopping, you can work a lot of magic with the limited budget by planning exactly what you need and what you can contribute later. By not trying to do it all at once, you can sow more money in key items you want to last a long time, such as a bed furniture.

If you haven’t purchased any furniture yet, make sure you might take measurements of your premier appartement before you go shopping or making a decision what to take from home. You don’t want to spend an hour wrestling a king sized mattress up four flights connected with stairs, only to find that it won’t go up the last flight with your apartment because the opening is too small.

To help you figure out exactly what you need, let’s go room by room.

Living Room

A really good selection for seating in a first apartment is a futon or even sofa bed. Not only does it offer a nice seating place, but you can use it when friends want to spend the night. Aim to stay away from the old fashioned hide-a-beds. Their not comfortable to sit on, these people even worse to sleep on, and you’ll get really tired of lugging them around from one apartment to another as you trade right up.

Add a couple of end tables and a coffee table in addition to you’re well on your way to furnishing the living room. If you need supplemental seating, floor pillows can work or you can get an ottoman, if you’d like versatility. Of course , most people want an entertainment center, consequently get one that can grow with the size of TV you plan for getting down the road. And don’t forget storage areas, which can be in the entertainment center you might as well use a bookcase with shelves and doored areas.

Dinner Room/Kitchen

In a first apartment you may not need a dining room table, unless you want to use it to do homework or have a on line poker night with friends. Chances are a couple bar stools at a lunch nook will do just fine. If you really want a dining table, go along with a bistro table or kitchenette that can be reused within the future in your next apartment or house.


This is an critical room to furnish since you spend one-third of your life at this time there. Invest in a good bed because you’ll probably have it at least main to 10 years, perhaps even longer. Try to get a queen or perhaps king, if possible, since you’ll hold onto it longer over a full size. A dresser is a good option, too, since many condominiums are short on closet space. Round it all available with a nightstand or two for an alarm clock and you’re ready to go. Alternately, a cedar chest can double as a nights stand and give you additional storage space.

Home Office

In this time a lot of people spend as much time on their computer as they waste bed. It’s wise to get the best chair and desk you can manage. A bookcase can come in handy, too for storing resources and software.


If you have an outdoor space, you’ll want to develop an escape that is comfortable and relaxing. A bistro desk will work nicely on a patio or deck, along with a barbeque. Alternately, you can get a couple of chairs and a small outdoor unexpected table. It largely depends on the size of your space.


This is a personal choice, of course. But personalizing your living space can really make it feel more like home and you’ll look forward to returning to your first apartment if it feels comfortable and welcoming. Bulbs are perhaps the biggest consideration, since apartments tend to present you with a single fixture on the ceiling and nothing else. Choose lamps it will work well in your next couple of places. Don’t go with something which is too trendy.

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