4 Methods To Take When Someone Is Spreading Negativity About You

Have you ever been in a situation where somebody is dispersing fretting about you in an attempt to hurt your reputation?

I have, therefore has Jordan Harbinger, host of The jordan harbinger show podcast, a top-rated podcast using countless downloads from its first weeks of launch. Before beginning this series, Harbinger was cofounder of The Art of Charm, yet another hugely successful podcast in addition to formerly the host of The Forbes List podcast. After years of construction, matters took a turn, and with it, a former spouse set out to shoot him .

Jordan Harbinger, Host of The Jordan Harbinger Show

In the same way, years back when I began Network Under 40, a close friend offered to help me get it off the floor. Following a stint in which she took some time off for personal reasons, I shared with her decision to continue to run the business without her. Because of this, I had been alerted by other people within my regional small business community which she had been moving on a smear campaign .

I felt hurt, especially because I’d generated space within our different conversations for her to air her grievances with me, and had been told that there were none. Additionally, I had been concerned that individuals to whom she disperse those negative words would consider her, so sullying my reputation, which I take seriously.

However many men and women are on the receiving end of this slander on you, it may be painful, and leave you feeling frustrated with your inability to fix it.

As a Result of This, Harbinger and I teamed up to provide some advice on How Best to manage and process such scenarios:

jordan harbinger show podcast

Negativity makes them look terrible, not you personally.

“Negative people are just that: negative. When someone’s mission seems to be taking you down a peg, it can be infuriating,” stocks Harbinger.

” So, if you’re out there doing you, and they’re out there mostly focused on you and how you’re a terrible such-and-such, then over time, it actually makes them look bad, not you.”

Take the long view

Can this thing in a week? A month? Or annually? Probably not. Allow that amuses you.

Harbinger shares, “Zoom out far enough on the timeline, and most of those people fade away because their identity is weighed down consistently by their futile mission to bring you to ruin.”

Your system can alter the tone

Harbinger was recently alerted by a friend that somebody was talking ill of him in a party she’d. Immediately, she and many others that knew him chimed in to say,”That surprises me as it’s so far from the person I know Jordan to be.” In doing this, they immediately altered the tone of this dialogue to safeguard his reputation.

Harbinger states,”It’s network versus network. If someone is spreading negative opinions about you, those can be counteracted by others who already know you. This highlights the importance of digging the well before you’re thirsty and making sure you’ve got your relationships in place before you need them. Otherwise, you’re chasing a negative first impression. This is a losing battle because you might not ever get a chance to remedy the negative rumors yourself.”

He’s”You need both deep and’shallow’ relationships. You don’t have to have lived with someone for years to have them stick up for you and your reputation. Having a handful of people who have even a neutral or positive impression of you can be enough to plant the seeds of doubt in someone’s mind that negative rumors are true.”

Your Very Best defense is to live out your worth

I came to realize quite fast that I had uttered a great deal of positive connection and goodwill prior to the slander started, and that I would continue to embody exactly what I appreciated so that my actions could talk for me, without even needing to’defend’ myself.

“Living the right way and practicing what we preach is the best way to ensure that the negativity dies on the vine. If you’re consistently helping people get what they want, making useful introductions and being open and positive, then it will be hard for others to believe negative rumors about you when they meet you,” clarifies Harbinger.

“When combined with the above’principles’, smack-talkers hardly stand a chance!”

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