5 solutions to avoid slow Wi-fi speeds

Online has taken over a major part of our lives, and we must express for good! Its usage is not limited to just working, pursuing or entertainment anymore. Now we can buy groceries online, ebook a cab in a tap and even pay our fees at the comfort of our homes.

The internet is playing an extremely significant part in our daily lives and no one wants to finish any kind of glitches. Even with great connection, you find that you will not catch a signal in certain corners of your home. Thankfully, there is a appropriate for this and it is as simple as the placement of your Wi-Fi router. Here are some tricks that will help you tackle coverage issues and raise your internet experience.

Get a Router that Matches Your Desirable Speeds

If you really want to enjoy your internet connection to the fullest, it is important to make sure that your router is capable of delivering the suitable kind of speed. Check out the table below to know the details:

Maintain Router Up to Date

With freeloaders all around, it becomes very important to maintain your security and privacy when using a broadband relationship. Rebooting your router can effectively help you with the same. Coupled with that, securing your network with a strong Wi-Fi private data and changing it often is an effective way to do it.

Find the Right Room or space for Your Router

The placement of your router plays an important part when you get better coverage. Place the router higher above the ground as is feasible, try to keep it in the middle of your home and away from walls, combination objects and devices like microwaves, TVs etc . as they simply can interfere with your connection’s frequency.

Connect to Devices Rationally

High-speed internet connections need high-end devices that are compatible with these folks. So check if your device supports 5 GHz wedding ring & desired speed. If you still experience slow data transfer rates, then check it by connecting the ACT LAN cable to your laptop or desktop. Also, always keep a on device if it’s downloading any malware plus apply latest security patches to your device. Know more about port scan attacks

Do Helpful Speed Tests

Whenever you are doing a speed test at a device, keep in mind to close all other online activities, disconnect all your other devices from the Wi-Fi and choose the nearest ACT Fibernet server, so that Speedtest can use the entire bandwidth available to you.

Practical knowledge Great Speeds Always

There is no way you will get slower speeds unless you have crossed your FUP limit or the interconnection is being divided since multiple devices are in use. Deal with FAQs to learn in detail about the limits, post FUP rates of speed and more.

We hope that with the help of these above tips, it is also possible to experience amazing and seamless Internet connectivity and fix insignificant issues by yourself. If some issues persists, then i will be just a call away.

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