A Business Success Formula That You Can Teach Your Kids

In the previous article we shared Sean Rasmussen’s teachings all around developing a healthy self image. This article follows on from this discussion as we share more of his valuable teachings all over being successful in business.

How would you like to know Sean Rasmussen’s Small business Success Formula?

Teaching these understandings to your children is going to set them on the path to being successful entrepreneurs.

Sean introduced an effective formula that will get results in business. The formula is…

This formula can fit all business models, may it be Network Marketing, conventional business or an Internet Based Businesses. The fits with what we have read about Robert Kiyosaki and his Internet business Builder model (as opposed to small business). He is building a business system that will grow itself. Sean’s pill formed the bases of the whole Boot Camp of which i was taught how to address each aspect through Internet Marketing.

What is 30 Day Success Formula

In this recent article about David Wood we discovered that he / she also uses this formula for business success and he explained us how to apply it to Network Marketing.
Training: Attend the very boot camps, join a program, find a mentor and investigation the business system.

Tools: Use the tools provided by the business product. Use the tools that work, don’t be a tool trying to work everything you need out for yourself! Or as David Wood says, “Use the tools, don’t be a tool! ”

Team: Build a team for experts around you who build your business. In internet marketing it really is virtual assistants, ghost writers and marketers whom you can actually contract very inexpensively from counties such as the Philippines and also India. With Network Marketing it will be the people in your upline and even those in your own network that form your

team. Everyone help them build their business and yours will naturally be successful as well.

Time: Give it your all! Without putting time with your business initially it simply won’t be successful. With businesses the fact that grow and generate a passive income the amount of precious time you need to commit it great to begin with and the income is certainly small , but as your business grows your work time will dissipate, but your income will continue to grow!

Results: Your income gained from your business.

Teaching Kids the Business Success Formula

The particular business Success Formula can easily be taught to kids. Firstly make them get started with an enterprise. This way they will learn all about it all. For example my son Flynn has learned a huge amount around bee keeping, harvesting and processing honey and then internet marketing it.

Next teach them how they can make their online business easier by utilizing the right tools. In Flynn’s case it previously was about borrowing the right extractor equipment and using an expert’s advice (his Grandad) which saves him time.

Then simply investigate ways of putting a team together to make the process a lot less work and more profitable. Flynn utilized his friends that can help bottle the honey, he had people selling his baby on consignment and he found people to take his honies to the market. He wasn’t doing all the work!

Explain to your family about delayed gratification. That is: put the hard yards on now for a financial reward later. Once they see a give you their wallets/purses then they will fully grasp Sean’s formula for all the buinessmen success. Flynn has realized this. He used virtually all his own money to buy his honey and he also bought everything he required to bottle and market it He fully understood that he needed to make his business work in order to get her money back with profit. Once he experienced a result along with first batch of honey, he became much more on target and determined with his second batch, which by the way your dog invested twice the capital!

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