Avengers: Endgame – decoding the trailer in incredibly nerdy detail


It is actually all but guaranteed to be the biggest movie of 2019, therefore, the arrival of the first trailer for Avengers 4 must have been a huge deal. At the end of the last movie, Thanos had destroyed 50% of Earth’s population. Many of our comic heroes were definitely dead. Spider-Man turned to dust. Iron Man was by itself. What the heck comes next? Let us take you using a breakdown of the new trailer to squeeze out most of its secrets.

Lost in Space
We open effectively bleakly. While Tony Stark was fortunate enough not to often be vaporised with half the world’s population, we find the dog floating in space, all out of food and water contributing to to run out of oxygen. We’ve no indication of how prolonged he’s been out there, but the exhausted supplies mean it has been a while. He’s recording a message to someone he or she loves, presumably Pepper Potts (does he know this girl survived or is he hoping? ), as they believes death is close. This would be a really good time for Chief Marvel to swoop in and rescue him.

The exact Benatar
A wide shot of the ship shows that Tony can be adrift in Benatar, the ship that once were from the Guardians of the Galaxy. All the Guardians aside from Catapult the raccoon were killed by Thanos, so that mail was going begging. Some fans were so thinking about Stark being lost in space that they tweeted NASA. NASA responded.

A tribute to Stan Lee?
Large uses the phrase, “Part of the journey is the end”. Some fans are speculating that this is a deliberate tribute to Stan Lee, the Marvel comic book mycket bra who died in November, aged 95. Lee frequently used the word ‘Excelsior’ as his motto, meaning always reaching out higher, and fans have taken Stark’s words as a jerk to that. It’s a cute idea, but it’s far from certain that it’s intentional.

Thanos’ world
After the Marvel logo, most people cut to a shot of Thanos’ armour standing in an area, like the world’s biggest scarecrow. After succeeding completely within the plan to rid Earth of half its living pets, Thanos now has full dominion over our planet. Perhaps his or her armour is unused because he’s happily cavorting disrobed through the fields. download avengers endgame 480p

Thanos in the field
He is cavorting, bit by bit, but has trousers on. He’s also doing a decent impression of Russell Crowe in Gladiator.

Back during head office
The surviving Avengers, or those who are not displaced in space, have gathered at HQ. It must be fairly roomy currently. Easy to find a parking spot.

Bare-chinned Covering
Our first shot of Captain America shows him or her crying and looking into the distance handsomely. It also shows that the much-memed beard has gone. Is this the greatest loss suffered because of the Avengers? It might be.

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