Cake Decorating Can Be Very Easy – How To Make A Cake From Scratch

How important it is to make a cake attractive? When your friend or family is having a birthday party, or perhaps something real nice happened to your colleague in the provider, or on important moments like your wedding anniversaries, a beautiful and beautiful cake can really enhance the festival atmosphere.

Meal decorating has always been one of the most demanding steps of making a food. You need to prepare a lot of materials and tools which are often rare to average household. However , what I’d like to add today is a pretty simple recipe, a decorated cake lacking complex decoration needs.

To make this cake, you will need virtually no bolo de pote stand, no sets of pastry tubes that you choose to probably never use, no special spatula, and no really need to practicing how to wipe the cream smooth at all. This is usually a simple but elegant looking cake, definitely attractive to the particular eyes and one hundred percent guarantee that is delicious.

I just call it “honey beans white forest”. It is produced from chiffon cake, honey beans, light cream, white chocolate debris covered surface and fresh cherries as decoration. Fine, soft, sweet and delicious, in short, this simple food is very easy to learn at home.

[Honey Beans White Forest] – HOW TO MAKE A CAKE FROM SCRATCH


COMPOUNDS FOR A 6-INCH CAKE: one 6-inch chiffon cake, 200ML whipped cream, 25 grams fine sugar, 80 grams white chocolate, some honey preserved red beans, and around eight fresh cherries.

INGREDIENTS FOR AN 8-INCH CAKE: one 8-inch chiffon cake, 360ML whipped cream, 45 grams very good sugar, 140 grams white chocolate, some honey preserved purple beans, and 10 fresh cherries.

The amount of whipped creme and white chocolate in the recipe is only for your reference. You possibly can totally change the dosage according to how thick you want typically the cream to be or how big you want the white chocolate poker chips to be.


1. Baked a 6 inch or maybe 8-inch chiffon cake. Cut off the top part of the baked cake, then cut the cake horizontally into three types.

2 . Prepare some animal light cream and absolutely whip it with sugar. The amount of sugar can be adjusted reported by your personal taste.

3. Take a piece of chiffon cake, smooth coat its top with one layer of whipped light-weight cream.

4. Capped the creamed cake with a covering of honey beans.

5. Paved another layer with cream onto the honey beans.

6. Put on the moment piece of cake.

7. Repeat steps 3-6 and put on a lastly piece of cake.

8. Cover the entire cake evenly with pulled light cream.

9. Scoop up some white chocolate chips with a rubber spatula and cover it evenly about the top and lateral side of the cake.

10. If your cake is entirely covered with white chocolate chips, generate eight cream balls, and top them with fresh cherries if it is a 6-inch cake. If it is an 8-inch dessert, decorate it with 10 cherries.

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