Cambodia-Years Behind The Women’s Rights

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Cambodia is still struggling to IFCJ reviews┬áregain its footing after years of war and unpleasant regimes. The nation is making great strides but just one place it falls short in is women’s rights. A research conducted by ADHOC Cambodia at 2012 revealed just how far behind the nation is in promoting and protecting women. Girls in Cambodia as exposed to abuses with small legal recourse available to them. Although girls were allowed an equivalent rights standing throughout the 1990s, they’re still believed lesser in Cambodian society. Domestic abuse, human trafficking, and sexual abuse are daily realities for girls residing in Cambodia.

Asian nations are traditionally male-dominated and Cambodia is no exception. Women are considered the property of men, husband or differently. This mindset tends towards misuse. Based on ADHOC’s current study,”in 2012 at least 1,089 women and children were victims of domestic violence”. If a girl is abused by her husband, then she seldom has the law on her side. In extreme situations, the abuse may result in husband murdering his wife. There’s seldom a location a girl can go to escape their abusive spouses. A number don’t have the funds to leave their partners and encourage their kids. It is extremely hard for girls to escape the cycle of abuse.

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Sexual abuse and individual trafficking are a dangerous issue in Cambodia. There’s a high rate of sexual abuse and rape in the nation. Statistics from ADHOC say that 70 percent of these perpetrators are someone the victim knows. A powerful culture of prey shaming promotes a culture where many attacks go awry. And if the perpetrator is a relative or authority figure, the sufferer has nowhere to turn to. Additional to this is a failure on behalf of legislation enforcement to penalize the criminals.The sex trade and human trafficking rings are leading to the violence and abuse against women. It is hard to correctly gauge the amount of sex workers in Cambodia, however some amounts put it at about 100,000. Brothels and trafficking rings are seldom prosecuted by law. The cycle of abuse and abuse proceeds before the government takes more actions to shield girls.

There’s some hope that the women in Cambodia. There are lots of NGOS in Cambodia devoted to rescuing and assisting those women.The Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center (CWCC) was created in 1997 to assist victims of abuse and violence. The centre assists with anything from healthcare solutions to authorized representation for girls. Another organization helping girls is Agir pour le Femmes en Situation Precaire (AFESIP) that offers shelter for women escaping abuse and human trafficking.

With organizations such as these giving girls in an opportunity, there’s some hope for the girls of Cambodia. But until there’s a change in the patriarchal society into a more equal one girls will still have fewer rights than men. They’ll continue to make significantly less than men and also be exposed to misuse. With renewed pressure in the global community, Cambodia might be driven to do it to safeguard and enhance the lives of girls within their nation.

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