Can I Get Hardwood Floors If I Have a Dog?

Not surprisingly you can get a hardwood floor if you have a dog. The questions that arise will be rather simple though, and the main one is, “How are you going to be capable to maintain a decent looking hardwood floor with a dog inside the house? ” The bottom line for a hardwood floor situation with a pet dog is vigilance. But damage is coming to the hardwood floorboards whether it is from the dog or the human occupants. There are a lot of issues and questions on this subject. This article zeroes around on some of the issues and solutions that you might have to deal with concerning your canine friend and your hardwood floor.

There are several solutions and even more opinions. The earliest being the size and activity level of the dog. If you have an important dog, who likes to run around the house, the damage to the hard wood floors could be a regular thing. However , a smaller dog by using a high activity level can bring a similar amount of damage to your individual floors too. A common misconception is that a smaller dog isn’t really going to be able to tear into the hardwood floor the way a much bigger dog will. If the dog is active though, it will certainly create its own “scratchy damage” for the floor. It is also cognizant of not play roughhousing games with your dog indoors. Issue has been something that you have done in the past then it is now referred to as time to shift that priority to outside! A dog might move through the house, and sometimes, that motion is going to be quick. An incredible example of this is when someone knocks on the door.

Another object to consider is the length of your dog’s nails. If your k9 has his nails clipped regularly, he isn’t those able to tear into the floor as much. Lots of aspects has to be considered with a dog’s nails though. If your dog will grow an excess amount of hair between the pads of his feet, he is going to be a little bit more slippery on the floor, and he is going to apply his nails to compensate. Furthermore, a dog that is slipping on a regular basis also has a different level of damage to worry about, and that is to the dog himself and to whatever he might plow into. Installing your hardwood floor means that you will have to pay attention to your dog’s household activity and his paws a lot more.

There are a couple of solutions for types of situations. The main one is that a throw rug can be put down in active areas (like by the door). It will stop some of the damage. Mats and rugs in huge traffic areas make a lot of sense, even if there isn’t a canine in the household. Some dog owners also teach their pet dogs to stay off of the hardwood floors period. They have carpeted spots in the house for dogs and children to play on. If perhaps that isn’t how your house is, well placed rugs can cure loads of issues. A rug by the door is a good idea, and wherever where the dog might be inclined to slobber as well.

Quite a few owners (who apparently have an abundance of time on their hands) opt for dog booties when their dog is inside your own home. This sounds like one of the more tedious methods of dealing with dogs bringing into hardwood flooring toronto. Another solution is dog nail ranges. These are plastic caps that you can buy for your dog’s finger nails that stay in place with an included adhesive. They can be invested in in a clear color or in other colors, and stay in place for about 8 weeks. One of the issues that dog owners currently have cited with these is that sometimes the nail grows around the cap and the cap needs to be cut off. Dog nails do not get dead and nerve-free like human nails are. There is a vein of blood running through them, and if the exact nail gets too truncated, there could be pain for the doggy.

Dog hair is another aspect to consider. If you have a particularly hairy doggie, it is now (more than ever) time to stay on top of take care your dog. Regular baths and the use of de-shedding brushes as being a Mars comb are perfect for this. Sweeping, vacuuming, and wetmopping regularly will keep the dog hair up. Dog hair may get in between the boards and snag on just about everything. Retaining your dog properly groomed regularly will help cut down on this. Although the fact that you have to face is that a dog is completely covered by using hair, whether long or short. That hair is going to get burn around the house regularly and it is going to be a lot more visible on a wood floor.

Another issue to consider is the kind of hardwood decking that you are installing. A lot of pre-fab tongue-and-groove-type flooring have moves between the pieces. Not huge gaps, some are rather subdued, but there is a gap non-etheless. This gap is going to perhaps get filled with doggie dirt and funk. Get real wood with the smallest gaps possible between your boards. In your factor of the hardwood that you are getting, you also want to make sure that this is the hardwood that can be refinished. That way you can have it buffed routinely.

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