How To Choose a Good Abortion Clinic and Abortion Doctor

Bracing for an unwanted pregnancy can be devastating. Making the decision to have an abortion can be extremely heartbreaking and very overwhelming for most women. Finding a decent physician to perform the procedure can add even more anxiety to an presently stressful situation.

It can be very difficult for the average person to know the right way to judge the competency of doctors or the degree of care and attention they will provide. The most effective way to locate a reputable physician is to get hold of as much knowledge and information as possible about the physicians and the conveniences they serve.

The majority of abortion clinics are clean, safe and sound and provide good care. Most are owned by or staffed by using competent physicians. However , clinics may significantly differ for cost, anesthesia, gestational limitations, type of abortion procedures furnished, what is included in their fees, and the training and connection with their physicians. The degree of physician competency can vary greatly among the providers, from adhering only to the minimum state necessities for operating a facility to those who go above and beyond. Deciding upon an abortion clinic is much like choosing any other health care provider and should be done with just as much consideration.

One of the best methods for outset your search is to ask a trusted friend or family member. If someone you know encounters a favorable experience with a particular provider this can be a good place to start. If you are unable to get a favorable recommendation or you do not sense safe talking about having an abortion with anyone, there are a number with steps you can take to help assure that you are making the best choice.


Do not rely on the phone book or the internet. Large, expand upon or attractive ads do not necessarily mean the clinic is a wonderful one.

Do not choose a clinic-based solely on the price tag. Your health and safety are too important. Beware of prices that seem too good to be true. There may be covered charges you are not informed about when making your initial phone. Some clinics may tell you a lower fee when you first call up but you could end up paying more for services who were not included in the original quote given on the phone.

Do not be determined by vague or superficial descriptions about the services. When you are only getting hasty or flowery comments that tone only warm and fuzzy, but are lacking in clear, pretty information, call another provider.

Do not make assumptions. Do not imagine the care you will receive will be provided by skilled, suffered physicians and medical personnel. Listen to your intuition. Yourself and safety should be the most important consideration. If anything you will be told makes you feel uncomfortable or your instincts tell you a little something doesn’t seem appropriate or doesn’t seem right, them probably isn’t.


Knowledge is electricity. You cannot obtain too much information or ask too many problems.

Call a clinic on the phone. Good providers know that phoning is usually the first form of contact a potential patient will make and they’re going to only employ phone counselors who will answer in a affected individual, kind, courteous, professional manner. They should be willing to give you so much time as you need to answer all of your questions. Good doctors will offer potential patients an opportunity to first visit the facility or simply speak with a counselor at no charge.

Ask about their services. What do they offer? Do they provide both the Surgical and Medical Abortion? What takes place with each of all of the different abortion types of procedures? How many visits may be required? What types of anesthesia and insertion do they provide? How far along in pregnancy are they able to produce a termination? Do they offer Emergency Contraception, Family Planning products and services and treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections? Do they have professional staff available for after-hours questions or emergencies? A good giver will want you to be well informed and to have all the information essential for you to make your decision.

Ask about their fees. What is written in cost of the abortion procedure? Are things like a sonogram, lab tests, medications, birth control and follow up visits included? Do these cards accept insurance? Do they offer any funding or regarding those who may qualify? What methods of payment do they admit?

Ask about the physicians. What are their qualifications? Ask about their whole experience and specialized training that qualifies them to deliver abortion procedures. How many abortions have they performed? Are they able to accomplish both Surgical and Medical Abortion by Pill? Are those experienced with providing Advanced IV Sedation? How long have they really been performing abortions? Are they available for consultation? Can they be got in touch with at any time through a phone number or email?

Do not be afraid to inquire questions. A good provider knows and understands that you will have these folks. A good provider will have a facility and staff which have been open, honest and forthcoming. They will want you to be considered well informed patient and they will want to make your health, safety and medical their first priority.

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