How to Choose a Private Investigator in Australia

one nsw police check their licence

With the exception of Canberra, private investigators must be licensed by the relevant licensing authority in the State they are positioned. In addition to individual licences, companies offering investigation services requires have a business licence. If you plan to engage an investigation company be certain they have one. The licences are generally issued and governed by the Police in conjunction with courts in most States, however , using some states or territories of Australia this is managed by way of other government agencies.

Verification of a private investigator or investigation provider license can be made through the following agencies:

Victoria: Security officer licensing for individuals and companies in this state is organised in the Victorian Police licensing services division. Verification of their in order to register can be made online via their public register found at the police. vic. gov. au site.

Australian Investment capital Territory: No current requirement to be licensed, however lots of have voluntary chosen to register under NSW legislation.

Nsw: Private investigators in NSW operate under the new Commercial Brokers and Private Inquiry Agents Act 2004 (CAPI). Verification of these CAPI license can made online via the NSW Police register located on ebiz. police. nsw. gov. au.

Northern Territory: Administration of licences is carried out by the exact Northern Territory Department of Justice. Currently there is no requirement in this Assert for investigators to undertake a training course to be eligible for a freedom. To verify an investigators licence please contact the user and Business Affairs directly on (08) 8935 7777.

Queensland: Private investigators in Queensland operate under Security Providers React (1993) and licences are administered by the Office with Fair Trading (QLD). Verification of their registration can be viewed internet at the fairtrading. qld. gov. au site.

South Queensland: Private investigators in South Australia hold a Private Agents the required licenses administered by the Office of Consumer & Business Important affairs, under the Security and Investigation Agents Act (1995). Proof of their registration can be viewed online at pubreg. ocba. votre. gov. au

Tasmania: Private investigators in this State operate below the Commercial and Inquiry Agents Act 1974. Verification with their registration can be viewed online at the consumer. tas. gov. au site. (NB: This register is in. pdf format).

North west Australia: Private investigators in Western Australia are licensed because of the Western Australian Police Service under the Security and Linked Activities (Control) Act (1996). A list of licensed individuals plus companies can be found online at the Police. wa. gov. au site.

2 . Professional Body

You can gain further confidence as part of your choice of private investigator by checking whether they belong to any right professional bodies. These will generally be advertised in the Investigation website or alternatively framed in their office.

3 or more. Experience and Specialties

Registration with a professional body most likely are not sufficient to ensure a particular investigator or firm is the right choice for your personal particular situation. Certain private investigation companies specialise in several areas such as surveillance or skip tracing. Make sure normally the you choose is right for the job by reading the companys’ website and reviewing their case studies and multimedia links.

Individual investigators, too, will have different levels of knowledge. Many are ex-police or ex-army. The contacts and expertise gained during these previous professions will often be advantageous during recherche.

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