Each and every single day, Olympic Eyewear gets the joy of working with retailers that buy Cheap Wholesale Sunglasses out of us together with the goal of selling them in stores, pop-up stores, and flea markets. It’s an excellent business model that a great deal of individuals earn a living on. However, retailers don’t need to settle for earnings restricted to store shelves. There are different means to promote sunglasses to maneuver them in much bigger amounts.

The trick to marketing sunglasses outside store shelves would be to target a specific audience and find out exactly what makes them tick. If it is possible to get a message that hits the bull’s-eye, so to speak, it is likely to move a great deal of sunglasses very fast. Below are only a couple of instances.


If you’re a sports enthusiast, you understand that clubs provide giveaway promotions for people through the turnstiles. Just visit any Major League Baseball game if you aren’t knowledgeable about the thought. Baseball teams give everything away out of bobblehead toys to replicate baseball caps.

Big-league teams aren’t very likely to take you on an offer for wholesale sunglasses unless it is possible to send in volumes north of 10,000 or so. But in case you’ve got small league teams in the regional area, they’d be a fantastic goal. Consider approaching the group’s advertising department with an offer to provide anywhere from a couple hundred to a million pairs of sunglasses. You don’t need to realize your regular 40% gross to create this work. When you are selling that most, a 10% gross is great enough.

Cheap Wholesale Sunglasses


In each town and city across America, you will find companies with employees who invest the vast majority of their time outside. Take the normal lawncare business with half a dozen laborers. The business already supplies T-shirts, why don’t you approach them with an offer to provide their employees with sunglasses. You could chat about utilizing the shades as an employee perk. You can pitch the notion of enhancing the professional image of this team with fitting T-shirts and aviators for everybody.


The summer months are a time when youth day camps spring up all around the nation. Regrettably, such camps have a reputation for having children appear unprepared to be in the sun daily. Consider coming a couple day camp operators and supplying cheap children sunglasses for toddlers. In the event the camp can keep a couple of dozen hand, they’ll always have a set available when among the children arrives without adequate eye protection.

As a bonus, the camp may allow it to be understood in their advertising and marketing materials they maintain additional sunglasses available if children forget theirs. That will definitely score points with parents.


Last, neighborhood automobile and boat dealers are constantly looking for inexpensive ways of getting people to the showroom. You may pitch the notion of offering a free set of sunglasses alongside the purchase of a new or used vehicle or boat. Pitch aviators to ship dealers and wayfarers to dealerships. Or provide a variety of different fashion frames that they could mix and match based on their customer base.

There are loads of approaches to market fashion sunglasses outside simply offering them on shop racks and shelves. Your advertising capacity is limited only by your creativity and imagination. Hopefully, the tips provided here have you thinking outside the box. Meanwhile, Olympic Eyewear will probably be here with a complete choice of bulk orders sunglasses at great prices which work nicely with your profit margin goals.

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