Music for Corporate Entertainment

For a few years I have supplied music for and played in companies that provide music for corporate entertainment. Clients have involved Audi, The Evening Standard, Sainsburys, P. C. Earth, Safeways, Large corporate clients at Henley and Ascot, I. T. V. and H. M. Treasury. Therefore experience I felt it would be relevant in putting down quite a few pointers in helping clients choose the right kind of music for their unique corporate entertainment.

Interestingly enough, most corporate hospitality fun work tends to require music as an ingredient to a large recipe. What I mean by this is a great deal of corporate incidents are offering a multi service package. Typically an organization may perhaps be putting on an evenings entertainment to thank its staff for a particularly successful year. They may be offering music, food items, comedy, a close up magician, a casino and a caricaturist. The corporate client organizing needs to decide what part the background music has to play in the days/evenings entertainment.

Questions he or she needs to check with are:

  1. Is the music specifically for entertainment or is the audio for background listening?
  2. Do we need one style of tunes early on in the proceedings and then a change of style later during the days/ evenings entertainment?
  3. Do you expect the corporate clients to generally be networking and discussing business or are they just presently there for a good time?
  4. What overall atmosphere do you want to assignment with the event?
  5. Is there going to be a change of location for that music as the entertainment event unfolds?
  6. Different styles of music groups lend themselves to different corporate hospitality situations. Below are quite a few typical corporate hospitality events with music suggestions for perfect music entertainment.
  7. Corporate entertainment model 1 .

Evening party with dinner and speeches.

In a situation such as this you will ordinarily need music from the outset as part of the meet and greet of the corporate afternoon. A four-piece swing or Latin group is ideal by using a larger ensemble for particularly large gatherings. A professional clothes can pitch the music at just the right decibel level warmth and guests can talk and enjoy the entertainment without them encroaching on conversations. The musicians would typically often be dressed in Lounge Suits or Tuxedos (or the female equivalent) to mirror what the guests are wearing themselves. The music describes an atmosphere of sophistication, which again hopefully echoes the evenings overall ambience.

It is rare for corporation clients to want to dance especially as clients right now there relationship is business not pleasure! In most cases it is more valuable that the band is flexible in when it is needed during your the evening i. e. At the top of the night for the Wedding DJ Gastonia party, a smaller version of the band (The pianist maybe to the dinner), stopping for speeches and then after the speeches to experiment with until other entertainment is put on for the corporate purchasers. In this situation give the band a clear idea of how you expect to have the evening to go. What to wear, when they will be wanted, when they need to get their instruments in the building and be assemblage, when breaks will be required, let them know if it is convenient not really to feed them and then finally how they can leave as soon as finished so as not to disrupt the rest of the entertainment.

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