Promoting your genuine estate photography business

Architectural and real estate photographers: How are you promoting your business?

In this video we’ll look ataustin texas virtual staging┬ámarketing your property photography company, and I’ll give you the results of what I discovered when I reviewed 21 real estate photographer sites and their Facebook Pages. What I discovered may surprise you.

Video transcript:

If you would like your own photography company then you want to love marketing, and you have to enjoy working on a promotion program. You have to be saying to yourself,”Wow, this is going to be great, I am going to have a lot of fun with this marketing idea!!” This is what running a business is all about, so let’s consider what you might be doing when it comes to marketing your company….

One place to start is to be consistently creating content to your site, and sharing content on your social networking stations. I know that this can be hard work, and I understand a lot of photographers feel that they don’t have time to be posting on their Facebook Page or composing an article for their website, but this Sort of material Is Actually important and here’s why —

When it comes to blog articles they are one of the most cost-effective channels for generating leads, ahead of social networking, organic SEO, trade shows, etc.. If you are not blogging then you’re not doing the simplest, and really among the cheapest things you may be doing to market your business.

Then there is social media, which is going mad in terms of activity. Where it becomes interesting though is that unless you pay to it, content you discuss in your Facebook Page is only going to reach around 2% of your Facebook Page fans. So that is one of the reasons why it’s crucial that you post lots of articles, because very few of your supporters will observe a given piece of content which you post on Facebook.

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What’s interesting though is the bar that real estate photographers have put in regards to sharing content online is extremely low. You don’t need to do very much to be in the very best, because most other photographers out there are doing practically nothing on line.

To find out what’s going on earlier this week I went and looked in the websites and Facebook Pages of approximately 21 photographers that I know see those videos that I really do, so maybe I looked in your page, and Here Is What I discovered:

Out of those 21 photographer sites I looked in, one had posted something on their blog in the month of July, and even that was only a collection of photographs, and it was not a quality, well-written blog article like it should be. But do so, if we look at the first 7 weeks of 2018 only 6 photographers out of 21 had submitted something on their site this year.

So when it comes to blog posts, there is a big fail mark for those photographers I looked at.

So then I moved and had a look at Facebook Pages to all those photographers too, and they’re better, but still below what they ought to be.

Out of 21 photographers, 10 photographers posted something in the month of July, and 11 posted nothing at all that month. And if we look at the average for all of them, I discovered a mean of 2.2 Facebook articles per photographer for July, so that is about 1 post every two weeks. And remember, some photographers submitted nothing at all in that month. Some have not posted anything for a year or more.

What does this mean? Well, it means that the standard that photographers have set is pretty low. If you want to succeed as a photographer as it comes to sharing blog articles and posting in your own Facebook Page, then should you submitted something on your site once a month then you would be doing better than all of the photographers I looked in, and should you posted after a week then you’d be absolutely smashing it! You’d be number one!

Looking now at Facebook, if you posted something on Facebook once every 2 days afterward you would also be doing better than all the photographers I looked at in this listing of 21. You’d go to the top of this listing, which would have to interpret growth in your business, given of course that you were still creating great photographs and providing excellent service.

Ok, so it’s not that much you have to do to be among the better photographers out there when it comes to sharing content online, but if you do that it’s a fantastic form of promotion. It’s creating articles, it’s educating clients and prospects about what you do, and it is sharing the knowledge that you bring to your role. It really is one of the very best marketing tools you have, because the focus is on internet affiliate advertising. That means people will find you when they are looking for a photographer locally instead of you going out there to locate them.

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Now, all of that is actually good, but you might also gain from outbound marketing. If you’re focusing on creating this informative article we’ve just been speaking about, then take a look about this idea — what could you do in order to repurpose a number of that online content into something that you could utilize to reach out to and build a link with a potential?

What would you share with these agents and contractors and designers who are that first link point together?

Then as soon as you have that first connection point, what else are you ever generated which could function as the next connection point?

So what I’m talking about here’s constructing content, then using it in as many distinct ways as you can be marketing your company in as many distinct places as well as as a lot of your dream customers as you possibly can. And I understand this is hard work, but marketing is all about, and if you want to conduct your own photography company you want to love doing so, you need to be committed to it, and you want to hustle and get things done.

Now I’d love to hear from some of you to see what you’re doing with all this, so seriously, message me or something and let me know what you do with this. But if you are stuck and you’d like me to help you with this then get in contact with me as my specialty is helping architectural and property photographers with this type of advertising, so hit me up if you would like any help.

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