Why Learn Self Massage Techniques?

Most people today who sit for long hours in a certain position in the office or at home will inadvertently rub their necks as well as shoulders in order to remove some of the soreness and tenseness by these muscles. What many of them also do not realize is that they had been carrying out a self massage techniques on themselves. Also what exactly many people do not realize is that by using these techniques they are basically helping themselves from getting ill.

Certainly if you should carry out self massage techniques correctly. This means slowly and carefully your body will learn to relax more easily and quickly. When performed quickly self massage can help to provide you with more strength and combat the effects of fatigue.

There are a number of different techniques an individual might use which come under the remit of Automassage visage therapy these are as follows: –

1 . Rubbing – This is where you might rub the muscles that are tense with either your hands and fingers or hands using a circular movement. By doing this you are not solely helping to improve and stimulate circulation around the body, but helping to relieve the tension felt in the muscles.

2 . Rubbing – With this technique you need to apply a small amount of warm vegetable oils or a base/carrier oil (sweet almond) on to the area where the discomfort is. Then as if you were kneading bread funds you use the same motions to work on the muscles in the area.

three or more. Vibrating – With the flat of your hand you will often knock or lightly slap the area of the body in which the discomfort is felt and this will not only improve the circulation of blood surrounding the body but also help the muscles to become relaxed.

4. Stroking – At the end of every self massage therapy session you tackle it is important that you finish with stroking. You need to gently action the area of your body that you have been massaging working out as well as away from the area treated. Also before you commence your self rub down by gently stroking your skin.

It is best that if you want to gain the full benefits of a self massage therapy session you need to bring it with you out for around 20 minutes. Also if you have areas of your sensitive skin which are either red or painful then do not employ too much pressure on to these areas. However if there usually are areas of your body where you skin is pale in colouring then use a more energetic massage which will help to energize the circulation of blood etc ., to this area. Plus to further guide your hands move effectively over the body when carrying out home massage it is best to use some type of massage oil as well.

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