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Fieldwork Seasons

Excavations took place in Masuria, Poland, in July 2013. Further small-scale excavations organised by Zbigniew Sawicki (Malbork Castle Museum) are planned. Final excavations at Biała Góra took place in December. These will be no further excavations associated with the current project.


Over the course of the project we have conducted a significant programme of coring at castle sites and their hinterlands in Poland, Latvia and Estonia. This has involved peat coring in the spring and summer and frozen lake coring in the winter months.


Small-scale, focused excavations have taken place at select castles and related sites in Estonia, Latvia and Poland over the course of the project. These keyhole investigations carried out by our international teams have recovered a diverse range of data, which is currently being analysed by the project's team of specialists and collaborators.

Visit our excavation image galleries from previous seasons here



Karksi castle, Estonia


Cēsis castle, Latvia


Święta Góra, Poland

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